High‑D Server

High-D Server FAQ

How do I upload data files created by the desktop version of High-D, to the High-D Server?

You can upload files from within the web interface, as long as the upload mechanism has been enabled during the installation process (disabled by default). You can also manually place the .mtm files created by the desktop version of High-D in the dataset location folder set during the installation (by default C:\Program Files\Macrofocus\High-DServer\data\ on Windows and /Applications/High-DServer/data on macOS). The location of this folder can be adjusted either by editing the high-d-server.vmoptions file or by running the installer again (e.g. to make it point to the same location that is used by the desktop version of High-D).
We are going to provide an upload mechanism from within the desktop version of High-D in a forthcoming version.

Can I organize the files in subfolders?

Yes, but currently we are now showing the subfolders in the directory listing. As an example, it is possible to access http://public.high-d.com/secret/ even though it is not listed in http://public.high-d.com/. Using this method, it is also possible to make specific subfolders only available to closed user groups by only communicating its location with these users.

December 7, 2018

High-D Server v. 2018.1.1 released! You will find it in the download section.