Lost in too many variables and data records?
Here is the way to multi-dimensional visual analytics.

Discover the power of parallel coordinates

Parallel coordinates visualization of olive characteristics
High-D is a versatile tool for revealing hidden features, highlighting trends and relationships, and finding anomalies in datasets of any size. At its heart is a powerful interactive parallel coordinates plot for quick data access, analytical, and presentation purpose. Importing data from a wide variety of file formats and databases is a breeze... and it scales to big data.

Extract insights from visual patterns

High-D closeup
Parallel coordinates works by having vertical axis per data column and each row is displayed as a series of connected points along the axes. Using our innate pattern-recognition abilities, it enables spotting multivariate relations in a blink. Thanks to its unique density-based approach to avoid overplotting, and the choice between straight and curved geometries, relations and trends emerge immediately.

Find the gold-plated needles in a haystack

High-D closeup
In term of interaction, High-D provides direct visual brushing and filtering means and is complemented with a iTunes-like column browser. The visual appearance of the display is highly configurable. Axis can be reordered, rescaled, and compressed with one another. Many options allow you to further fine-tune the visualization.

Available today for Windows, Mac, and Linux

Works on Windows, Mac, and Linux
Macrofocus High-D is priced fairly at US$ 199 per user with volume discount available. Try it already today by requesting a free 30-days evaluation license. Your feedback will be most appreciated by our support team.
July 18, 2023

High-D 2019.9.0 has been released and is available for immediate download. Most of the software has been reworked and the new architecture is paving to more possibilities. New versions of the API and Server (in beta) editions have also been released.