New users

High-D can be purchased at the price of US$ 199 per user. This gives you the right to the perpetual use of the purchased version of High-D, and any new version released within one year. Please go to our ecommerce partner to
Commercial license allows for:
  • Perpetual use of the purchased version of High-D and any new version released within one year
  • Unlimited access to technical support via e-mail
  • Complimentary one-year subscription to bug fix updates and new releases at no additional cost

Existing users

After that initial year, you can renew your subscription for getting access to new versions of the software for another year with a 50% discount (i.e. US$ 99 per year for one user). Please enter your license key to renew your subscription:

Terms and conditions

We do take into account the various degrees of use through a steep volume discount pricing:
  • 20% off if purchasing 2 to 4 user licenses
  • 40% off if purchasing 5 to 9 user licenses
  • 50% off if purchasing 10+ user licenses
  • 70% off if purchasing 50+ user licenses
  • 77% off if purchasing 100+ user licenses
  • 85% off if purchasing 500+ user licenses
  • 90% off if purchasing 1000+ user licenses
An API to integrate High-D as a component in your Java or web application is also available.
Apart from these single user and server licences, we also offer customized solutions and pricing models that fit your requirements. For academic pricing, site license, and tailored solutions, please contact us at sales@high-d.com.
By purchasing High-D you agree to the terms of the License Agreement.
May 27, 2024

High-D 2019.9.4 has been released and is available for immediate download. Most of the software has been reworked and the new architecture is paving to more possibilities. New versions of the API and Server (in beta) editions have also been released.