High‑D API

The High-D API is a Java/Swing implementation of effective multidimensional visualization techniques. It comes with an extended set of features and components, each highly configurable:

Additional components that can seemlessly be integrated are TreeMap and CartoPlot (available soon). They are licensed separately.

Macrofocus High-D API uses the common Swing TableModel as its data model to make integration with existing data sources easy. A demo example also shows, how to connect a parallel coordinates with a live data source. The data can be grouped and aggregated by any combination of categorical attributes. Attribute values can be filtered numerically or by category. Macrofocus High-D API is already useful with small datasets, but scales up to 1'000'000s of data objects.


To integrate High-D as a component in your Java application, pricing starts at US$ 1990 per product for internal company use. For a tailored offer, please contact us at sales@high-d.com.

The library, including documentation, can be found in the download area.

May 27, 2024

High-D API 2019.9.4 released! You will find it in the download section. It is now available natively for Java/Swing, JavaFX, and JavaScript/HTML5.