High‑D Server

High-D Server has been created with business professionals, researchers, and home users in mind, with the goal of improving explorative or communicative tasks involving structured data. It aims at providing the power of the high-d visualization technique in an easy and cost effective manner. Nevertheless, it comes with an extended set of features, including:

Data sources

  • Easy deployment of data files created by the desktop version of High-D
  • Can be used to connect to live data feeds, such as SQL databases


  • Supported on all modern browsers, including IE 9, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, iPhone/iPad, Android
  • No plug-ins or helper applications are required
  • Pixel-for-pixel faithful rendering compared to the desktop version of High-D


  • Full interactivity through pure HTML 5 interface


  • Interactive visualizations can easily be embedded into existing web sites (using the <iframe> tag)
  • Uses standard web protocols, making it easy to traverse firewalls and proxy servers
  • Cross-platform: server can be installed on Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, and Linux
February 1, 2024

High-D Server 2019.9.3 released! You will find it in the download section.