Environmental Car Rating

What is the difference between two specific cars or group of cars?
Why do two apparently different cars get the same rating?
How does my car compare to the best in class?
What are my options if I want a Diesel car that has enough space for a family and rates among the best in terms of fuel consumption? What if I want 4x4?

To help you answer these complex questions, we teamed up with the Swiss Transports and Environment Association (VCS: Verkehrsclub der Schweiz / ATE: Association Transports et Environnement / ATA: Associazone traffico e ambiente) and created a dataset for High-D.

Auto-Umweltliste VCS 2018-11-01.mhd
You can find more information about this dataset on the Auto-Umweltliste / EcoMobiListe / EcoMobiLista site.
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